George Trains the Troops

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George is NOT a Mama Duck!
George, the feline chief-in-charge of security on his humans’ farm, is at his wit’s end. The sheep are plotting an escape, Pauline the llama is threatening to resign, and the dogs are completely out of control. He definitely needs some help with patrol duties and Felix, the younger cat who just recently moved to the farm, seems to be the perfect candidate.
The only problem? Felix isn’t interested. He’d rather be napping than doing a stakeout for mice in the barn.
Then Kid, a small duckling, arrives. She’s cute and fluffy and absolutely convinced that George is her mother. And she’s eager to learn how to be a security officer just like Mom—uh, George.
Can George train a duckling for patrol? More importantly, can George keep Kid safe when the notorious coyote, Old Mangy, returns to the farm looking for revenge?