George and the Stolen Sunny Spot

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Intruder Alert!
George, the orange cat in charge of security on his human’s farm, thinks he has everything in his realm under control and running smoothly—until the day that he finds a younger feline napping in his spot on his porch. Even worse, this little porch thief, Felix, has two canine bodyguards who drive George away from his rightful territory and straight up a tree.
George vows to recover his spot, but one by one his brilliant plans are sabotaged by Felix and his hooligan hounds. The other farmyard inhabitants can’t seem to see the cunning behind Felix’s “poor little kitty” act and begin to fall under his spell until even George’s human succumbs to Felix’s charms and threatens to relieve George of duty.
George needs to think up a way to get rid of Felix—and quickly—before Felix’s takeover of the farm is complete.