George Meets His Match

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It’s a terrible case of mistaken identity!
George’s trip to the vet clinic goes horribly wrong when his name tag is accidentally switched with Briggston’s, another feline patient who looks remarkably like George. A stranger arrives to take him home, and George soon finds himself at the library—not his home at the farm at all. Unfortunately, the librarians don’t understand George when he tries to tell them he’s not Briggston, and they stop him each time he attempts to leave the building.
George gets an offer of help from the other library pets, a pair of know-it-all guinea pigs who have some really crazy ideas about how George might escape, and a confused young bull snake with his own dreams of freedom. Not exactly the tactical team he needs. Besides that, he suddenly finds himself responsible for duties that should belong to Briggston: entertaining overenthusiastic kids at story hour, guarding the nonfiction section from book-hungry guinea pigs, and keeping a wary eye out for anyone who wants to dress him up for the local pet costume contest.
Will George ever see his beloved farm again?