Author Visits

Kristin loves to do author visits to elementary schools.  Here are some examples of her sessions. She can also customize sessions upon request.

From Idea to Book—How Do You Become an Author?
Kristin will share how she became an author, all the way from getting the idea for her George stories to finding someone to make those stories into books that kids could read.
Grades KG through 6th.

Create Your Own George Story
Kristin will lead the group through the process of creating a unique George story based on a true adventure of George.
Grades KG through 6th

How Do You Get a Good Idea For a Story?
Kristin loves animals and she knows that most kids do, too. She uses pictures of animals, both her own photos as well as “found” pictures, to help kids generate ideas for writing their own short stories.
Grades 3rd through 6th



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